CABOZ Action

CABOZ Action CH is a Swiss non-profit association founded in 2012. Our mission is to help improve the living conditions of the village communities of the Ivorian cocoa-producers through funding and implementing projects with a focus on health, access to drinking water, education, empowerment of women and local communities, and rural income-generating activities.

All our projects are developed, implemented and followed up locally by our Ivorian partner association CABOZ Action Côte d’Ivoire.

Here is why our work matters…

1. Cocoa production in Côte d’Ivoire

  • 41% of the worldwide production of cocoa with 6 million people dependent on the resulting income.

2. The current situation

  • Cocoa-producing smallholders need to earn four times as much to be able to live above the poverty line.
  • Poverty means that exploitative child labour and deforestation are still serious problems.
  • 10 multinationals control 90%% of the cocoa production and distribution of chocolate in the world. While a few benefit from the profits, millions of cocoa producers have to content themselves with just a few crumbs.

3. What the association CABOZ Action does

  • We pursue a hybrid approach : – Implementing concrete projects to promote the wellbeing of the villagers, – Cooperating with our partner, the social entreprise CABOZ, in developing the local economy sustainably
  • We combat poverty and exploitative child labour in the cocoa sector through projects in the domains of education and income-generating activities in the villages;

  • We implement ‘urgent’ projects such as improving access to drinking water for the cocoa-producing families and raising awareness in the villages about good nutrition and hygiene.

  • We support the villagers in having more of a say in official business with the local authorities.

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CABOZ Action
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Please note donations to CABOZ Action are taxe-deductible in most Swiss cantons.


Silvia Dingwall
President CABOZ Action