Our projects

Focus area

  • Drinking Water
  • Health
  • Schools
  • Women empowerment

Our approach

Before starting projects in a village, our project manager and the villagers identify the main needs and, if necessary, set up local organistational structures to ensure the long-term effectiveness of the projects. We involve the village communities and local businesses in implementing the projects as far as possible and use local materials in building.

We aim to make our projects effective with as much ‘local ownership’ as possible through cultivating good relationships with the local authorities and village communities.  Responsibility for maintaining drinking water installations is, for example, in the hands of local committees.

Our projects are funded through donations from private individuals, foundations, companies and public institutions.

Drinking water


Access to clean drinking water is a problem in many parts of Côte d’Ivoire. According to the National Office for Drinking Water only 65% of the rural population had access to good drinking water.

What CABOZ Action has done

2013-2014:  Construction of four new wells and two latrines, and the renovation of ten wells in three villages.

2015-2018: Installation of rainwater tanks at three schools with pumps, micro-filters and UV lamps supplied by Aqua Pura {link}, who also financed the solar panels and battery to run the system. Around 600 school pupils and 18 teachers now have access to clean drinking water.



The situation described by the European Commission in January 2016:

“Despite the country’s  steady  recovery,  gaps remain in  restoring  basic  services  such  as healthcare. This has prevented the  country  from meeting the  MDGs  4  and  5 by  the 2015 target, namely the  reduction  of  child  and  maternal  mortality.  The high numbers of  maternal and  child  deaths  constitute a  major  problem, …”

What CABOZ Action has done

2014-2018: courses for women on women’s health, contraception, hygiene, and nutrition generally and also for infants in 10 villages


What CABOZ Action has done

2012 – 2015: Donations of school material (crayons, books and blackboards) and 30 school desks made locally.

2016 -2017 : Construction of 3 school cantines to feed around 600 pupils.

2018 : Participation in TRECC program

Women empowerment

What CABOZ Action has done

2012-2017: Women’s committees were founded in eight villages to strengthen local communities and organise maintenance groups.

2017 : As an additional source of income for women, we started a chicken-raising project in one village with a women’s group that then formed a cooperative and a collective savings scheme, called une tontine to run the project.

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Silvia Dingwall
President CABOZ Action