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Start of the Rainforest Alliance project with village savings and loan groups (AVEC), income-generating activities (AGR) and a new programme for reducing the risk of child labour. 8 new facilitators including 2 women have now been selected and trained. We are grateful to the Rainforest Alliance and CABOZ AG for their support. 


Visitors to our stand at the Festival of Nations on 12 June in Nussbaumen enjoyed tasting CABOZ cocoa juice made from fresh cocoa pulp. We also sold some Ivorian soap women from Western Côte d’Ivoire made from burnt coffee and cocoa husks. Producing the soap could be a new income generating activity for AVEC (savings and loan groups) participants. 


Our 10th annual general meeting took place in Baden on 28 May 2022. Kathrin Heitz Tokpa, who is president of CABOZ Action Côte d’Ivoire and who lives in Abidjan, gave an inspiring talk on our savings and loans groups (AVEC) project, and the income generating activities they have enabled participants to start.

Looking back, we are confident CABOZ Action has had a positive impact in the cocoa villages over the past 10 years. Examples are: 

  • The drinking-water systems we have installed in five villages. Local committees are now in charge of their maintenance, but can call on our two project officers for support if necessary. 
  • The income-diversification project has trained over 500 young people in the cocoa villages to set up very small, local businesses. This has led to some exciting new ventures, ranging from selling second-hand clothes to food stands and grinding cassava.

We celebrated these achievements with some delicious Ivorian food and cocoa juice made from fresh CABOZ cocoa. Now we can look forward to continuing our work with the support of CABOZ and the Rainforest Alliance, and to building up the local association of CABOZ Action in Côte d’Ivoire.

Photo (from l to r): Kathrin Heitz-Tokpa, Joel Diet Bohon, Silvia Dingwall and Marie-Louise Nussbaumer.


The Swiss ambassador Anne Lugon-Moulin (L in photo) visited our AVEC savings groups in Cabozkro near Soubré, and learned about some of the very small businesses the group had set up, such as grinding cassava.


Pump (nearly 50 m deep) for drinking-water installed in Diégokro. CABOZ Action Côte d’Ivoire, Kathrin Heitz Tokpa,  (President CA CI) visits this and 2 other villages in Duékoué with Lydie, who is responsible for our activities in the region. Kathrin was impressed by the dynamism of the village loan and savings groups.


Innovation day for TRECC project.

Braida Thom spent a month in Soubré finalising a project for CABOZ and ETH Zürich. While there, she visited the 3 schools with drinking-water systems supplied by Aqua Pura with Fulbert to clean the filters and check what needed repairing. She also met the committee in Marcelinkro, the village where we plan to install the next drinking-water system.



Open Day for TRECC youth project in Guéhibly, Duékoué, with local dignatories invited. CA staff and selected TRECC participants presented our association, the project with village savings and loan associations, small businesses and gender sensitization. Theatre performance

New equipment installed in the Kindergarten in Bahé Sebon.

The president of CABOZ Action Côte d’Ivoire, Kathrin Heitz Tokpa, completes the CAS in Development and Cooperation at ETH Zürich. Shortly before Christmas she visited Soubré for meetings with the staff.


Our Vice President, Joel Bohon Diet, visited our projects in the Duekoué region and inspected the site of the new pump we are installing in Diégokro. He also met the committee we helped set up. Our contract with them specifies that they will be responsible for maintaining the pump and collecting money from the villagers to cover any necessary repairs.


Our 9th AGM was held online on 26 April. Braida Thom was elected as a new committee member and is now responsible for coordinating our water projects. She gave a well-illustrated talk about her work on a project with ETH Zürich and CABOZ on the village competence centres CABOZ has set up in the Soubré region.

At the AGM, raising the membership fee from CHF 30 to CHF 50 was approved.


Braida Thom again spent a month in Soubré working on a project for CABOZ and ETH Zürich. While there, she visited the 3 schools with drinking-water systems supplied by Aqua Pura with Fulbert to clean the filters and check the water quality.

The 14 Village Savings and Loan Associations (VSLAs) in the youth project (TRECC) have around 320 members. In 2020, they saved the equivalent of CHF 25’000, which they used for their income-generating activities (IGAs), such as selling fish, cassava or motor-bike fuel (in total: 53 individual IGAs and 14 group IGAs).


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