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General Assembly, 26th April 2021, 19:30

 with presentation by Braida Thom about her experience in the cocoa villages

Many thanks to Obersiggenthal for donating a further CHF 1’000


Elections in Côte d’Ivoire (updated 15 November 2020) 

President Alassane Ouattara decided to run for re-election after the sudden death of his designated successor – even though the constitution only allows two terms of office. The government’s actions led to violent protests in regions supportive of the opposition and over 80 people were killed in the run up to the presidential election on 31 October. The opposition called for a boycott of the election, which took place under tight security. International observers reported that not all polling stations were able to open. The turnout was 53% according to the Electoral Commission, but it was much lower in some areas, especially where the opposition is more dominant. As was to be expected, Alassane Ouattara won 94% of the vote as the only other candidate who remained in the race did not stand a chance. After weeks of great uncertainty, during which schools were closed and economic activity reduced, the government and the opposition finally agreed to a first joint meeting, and the situation has finally become calmer.

Covid 19

Our staff in the field, Fulbert and Lydie, already started in mid March raising awareness about Covid 19 in the cocoa villages where CABOZ Action is active. Since then the virus has spread from Abidjan to other areas in the country. The government has introduced stricter regulations on maximum group sizes and is promoting social distancing and hand washing. Lydie and Fulbert now routinely give up-to-date information and demonstrate careful handwashing as part of their courses for young people in the villages. We hope that, by raising awareness and explaining the prevention measures early, we will help to prevent Covid spreading to the cocoa villages. The Jacobs Foundation has generously supported us in extending the Covid 19 prevention campaign to a total of 44 villages.

Youth Farmer Field Schools (YFFS) + Village Savings and Loan Associations (VSLA) + Gender Sensibilisation

Meeting with the participants and the facilitator in Akpouè kouamékro to set up a VSLA group

This 2-year project, jointly funded by CABOZ and the Jacobs Foundation, got off to a good start in January 2020. Nearly 300 young people (15-35 years old) in ten different villages were selected to participate in a training programme with the objective to support them in setting up income-generating projects in their local communities. So far the VSLAs have raised nearly CHF 5000 (CFA 3 million) to start their business projects, which include processing cassava, selling eggs and producing maize. The gender sensibilisation part of the project has been delayed by the Corona crisis as travel has been restricted, but women have been actively encouraged to participate in the project.

Our Vice-President Joel Bohon Diet spent a day with our project manager in Duekoué in March.

He writes: “I had the pleasure of meeting Lydie, CABOZ Action’s new project manager in Duekoué, in March. During the working session we had in Bahé Sebon, I found her to be a highly motivated and enthusiastic young woman and an excellent communicator.” Here they are with one of the youth groups in Duekoué at a meeting to discuss the VSLA savings scheme. Note the large cash-box on the table!

YFFS youth group in Bähé Sebon with cash-box.
Back row: 2nd from left = Lydie, our project manager in the Duekoué region, 3rd from left = Joel, Vice-President CABOZ Action 

Schoggi Festival in April

We were planning to have a stand at the first festival for sustainable chocolate in Switzerland, but since this couldn’t take place, the organisers suggested make short videos. Here is what CABOZ Action’s President, Silvia Dingwall, had to say:


Funding for drinking water

Canton Baselstadt has kindly offered us CHF 15’000 to install a solar-powered drinking water system in a village in the Duékoué region. We will keep you posted on developments.

January 2020

Braida Thom is spending most of January in Soubré, where she is monitoring CABOZ’s Village Cocoa Competence project, which is partly financed by SECO
On 6th January she kindly ran a short workshop with CABOZ Action and CABOZ staff to explain Aqua Pura’s Waterflow System so that they can check the three drinking water systems already installed. She also showed them how to test the water quality using the equipment supplied by Aqua Pura.

News 2019

The president and vice-president of CABOZ Action Switzerland inaugurated several projects during their visit to Soubré and Duékoué in January 2019.

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Silvia Dingwall
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